Our Story


For over 25 years Sean & Debbie McCoy have been providing the New Jersey area with their Antiquing and Estate Liquidation needs, Starting in 1985 Sean worked for Long Island Exchange in New York helping in the store learning the trade along the way. One of the biggest lessons I learned was how to treat people with respect and dignity. These are their possessions and often has great sentimental value. There needs to be an understanding that these items belong to someone and are usually important to them. From this understanding the process can go on from there.

 In 1998 Debbie worked in the store they both owned on the Jersey Shore gaining her knowledge of the business there. Debbie has great communication skills and well as great empathy for those who really need our services. Debbie a mother of 2 boys understands live is full of curveballs and knowing how to deal with the unexpected is one of Debbie’s strengths.